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Hey there, my name is Roy and I'm a Traffic Expert

Over the last few years I've put my focus into building a strong relationship with my high quality list that are cherry picked,during that time I have served many loyal and repeat Clients who are successfully engaged in Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.

I believe that my results speak for themselves, you can check the testimonials below and further understand that promoting your offer to my loyal subscribers is the best way to get a positive results.  You can buy my traffic with 100% confidence.

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What Makes My Traffic Elite

  • Highly Qualified Leads

    We ensure the highest quality leads by sending them to a pre qualification funnel only those who qualifies becomes a part of my list

  • Action Taking Leads

    As long as the prospect feel that this offer can kickstart their online business, they will take out their credit card and take action.

  • Traffic Expert Holding Your Hand

    Having no direction on where you’re heading? I am here to 10X your online business to the next level be it assisting you on how to engage your leads or tweaking of sales funnel

  • Detailed Funnel Review

    Been in the traffic business for 6 years, I have seen over 2000 funnels, I know what work and what doesn’t

  • Highly Active Leads

    We spent mid 5 figures every month to bring in new traffic sources and remove inactive leads that are no longer open our emails

  • Top Tier Traffic

    We dont do tier 2 and tier 3 traffic as they never buy stuff based on years of experience only tier 1 countries buy and they buy the most

Industry Leaders Share Their Success Stories

"Great Optin and sales from Roy's Traffic,Roy is my secret traffic source"

- Paulo Barroso (Super Affiliate Network/Discover HEAL)

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-Rich Guzman(SAN Top Earner)

"Roy has helped me alot Biz Opp Niche! I have been able to build my list very easily"

-Tammy Montgomery(FM )

"$500 from 300 clicks! Roy Is Super Responsive and his traffic does exactly what it does"

- Joshua Nazir (FM)

"Break-even on ad spent from 1000 visitors! Super nice guy with the highest quality traffic."

- Shaun Pope(6 Figure Marketer)

"3 SALES from 100 visitors and I'm super impressed ! Roy gets my seal of approval"

- Andrea Fulton (Queen of Solo Ads)

"SALES from 500 visitors! Roy constantly review my sales funnel to achieve more Sales!"

- Ashton Blake

"Tons and Tons of Sales! Thousands of traffic bought and I have not had a bad run yet!"

-Adam Shelton (6 Figure Marketer)

"SALES from 500 visitors! FIRST order with Roy and I am very happy with the Results!"

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-Sam Randle (Profit Passport)

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- Brandon Fyre(Digital Income System Top Earner)

"7 Frontend Sales From 500 clicks! Usually I would be lucky if I can even get 3 or 5 sales for that"

-Daniel Kump(Discover Heal Top Producer)

"Made $1000 from SAN ! Roy provides Quality Advice On your Funnel."

- Jason Laigo (Super Affiliate Network)

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"2 FEs , High Quality Traffic and Great Communication also great Quality Traffic"

- Jeremy JT (6 Figure Marketer)

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- Rui Perreria (Super Affiliate Network)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    P.S. If this is your first time purchasing a solo ad and you have any unanswered questions or if there's anything you don't understand, please do feel free to reach out to me personally, I'm here to help. I do not guarantee the amount of opt ins and sales as there are many factors in place.


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