Would You Like Me To Mentor You Personally To Hit $10,000 By Creating A Profitable Traffic Business?

 $33,377 Generated From The Past 30 Days With PayPal Account 1.
 $25,299 Generated From The Past 30 Days With PayPal Account 2.
 $9,691.16 Generated From The Past 30 Days With My Stripe Account
Total Profit In The Last 30 Days: $68,367.16‬

Why Traffic Business?

Traffic is the backbone for every online business, not having any visitors to your website is like having a shop front with no potential visitors. 

No website visitors = No revenue

Even Mark Zuckerberg runs a highly profitable traffic business with facebook banging billions in profit every year.
Not just Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin also makes most of their millions/billions in the traffic business by sending targeted visitors to the advertiser's website.
WHAT IF  you can grab a tiny drop of profit from the blue ocean of traffic business  every single day from these "Traffic Cash Machines?"

Well the good news is you can.


Yes you heard that correctly, that means buyers are willing to pay you for every visitor to their website.

Traffic pricing ranges from $0.70 to $1.50 per click.
Lets take $1 per click for example(since it's easier to calculate) 

If Mike decides to buy 500 visitors from you, 

500 visitors X $1 per click= $500 

Just like that you have generated
$500 in PROFIT!

If Mike decides to buy 1000 visitors from you,

1000 visitors X $1 per click = $1000

That will be $1000 in PROFIT!

Based on this in order to hit $10,000 in a single month you will have to send 10,000 visitors to your buyer's website.

That amounts to sending 333 visitors per day which is not difficult to achieve since there are tons of website owners that buys 500 to 1000 website visitors on a daily basis.

Payment Screenshots from traffic buyers

$985 Received on Feb 10th
 $1040received on August 7th
 $2090 received on 21st August

“Okay, Roy,I am keen but I am a complete newbie and I know nothing about traffic. Can I still run a profitable traffic business?”

Yes Yes and Yes

This traffic business doesn't require any technical knowledge
And Yes – I WILL show you how to do it, it's super simple

And with my personal guidance, I don't see why you can't hit $10,000 per month with my proven blueprint.

Here's the catch, It has to make sense for both of us.

You see, my proven blueprint works for ANYONE (especially when I am literally holding your hand to guide you through your success.)

But pardon me for being blunt, not everyone will see success. 

Why? Because there will be people who find excuses all the time without even blinking an eye and people who just don't take any action even when the pot of gold is being placed nicely on their table.

This proven blueprint has a minimum requirement for you to put in at max 
37 minutes a day of effort

If you are looking for get rich quick scheme or you have a outstanding $50,000 debt or you are homeless

I'm sorry,

Both of us are not suited to work together!

But if you are someone who is highly motivated and will do whatever it takes to succeed, I would be willing to coach you 1 on 1 to help you scale your traffic business at breakneck speed like what I did with my successful students below!

Client Success Stories

Jason Laigo
" I have been able to learn so much from Roy. He is one of those guys that under promises and over delivers all the time, It has been nothing short of stellar getting mentored by him as he helped me to achieve success."
Tim Dill
" I decided to went with Roy's coaching and till this day he is still coaching me and I am making money online every single day. Super nice guy, always responsive to my messages and always willing to help me with my questions."
Adam Shelton
" Roy is one of the best in the traffic space, his structure of training and advice helps you to get the results you've always wanted,  Roy has a lot of experience in the industry and he can definitely take you to the next level."
Peter Moran
" About a month after working with Roy, I've actually started to make really good money . For the next 3 months my profits started doubling up, He reached out on Skype constantly to make sure that my questions are always addressed."
Andrew Vo
" I was very lucky to be accepted by Roy.Unlike other coaches who teach you the basic stuff and start to leave you hanging. Roy takes good care of me and he always make sure I understand every aspects of this business."
Rui Pereira 
" Roy is not just a traffic expert, he is also a mentor who has helped me in various aspects of scaling my online business because he knows a ton in the online space. I would urge you to work with Roy"
Aly Dudek
" Roy is very knowledgeable with the questions I asked him and he is also very helpful in helping me with the aspects of building an online business. Super easy to talk and very friendly and professional."
Deven Butler
" Roy is very knowledgeable with the questions I asked him and he is also very helpful in helping me with the aspects of building an online business. Super easy to talk and very friendly and professional."
Ricardo Debe
" Roy has been teaching me alot for the past 3 months, I was losing a lot of money in the past but Roy has helped me to scale my business to the next level, Roy is passionate in what he does and he will continue to stay here and be there for you."
Jay Enso
" I have truly learnt alot from Roy and I am proud to call you my mentor, Roy is the real deal, he is genuine and he is honest. Thanks for giving me advice that allowed me to scale my online business"
Now if you are interested to work with me I would suggest that you apply for a free strategy session.

There will be 3 Phases for this free strategy call.

Phase 1: The first 10 minutes I call it a get to know each other session, I want to know in depth on the training/courses which you attended in the past.

On top of that I want to know your main goals for this year eg, hitting $10,000 per month by end of the year, able to retire your parents and giving them the life they truly deserve. These are goals that I will be able to help you with.

Phase 2: I will share with you about my 1 on 1 mentoring on why the traffic business is the most profitable business to be in right now. If you decide to take up my personal coaching then we will move on to phase 3

Phase 3: I will show you how to get started with my personal coaching
This strategy session will roughly 30 minutes of your time.

For most people, they told me this call impacted their lives.
My Personal Time Is Limited 
1 on 1 mentoring takes a toll of my time and time has become a premium for me over the years. I can generate as much wealth as I want but I cannot generate more time.

I always make sure no matter how busy I am I will always set aside time to spend with my love ones, after all that's the reason why we work so hard in life right?

I ONLY accept 20% of the people that get on a call with me 

There is a saying, " it is difficult for a student to pick a good teacher but it is more difficult to pick a good student" 

As I have mentioned my time is getting tighter over the years so to spend several hours for mentoring, it has to be worthy of my time. I have spoken to more than 800 people over the years and I can spot the right student easily in the first 10 minutes of the call.

So if you truly want to change your life schedule your strategy call below
Once again this isn't for you if you want to get rich in 7 days or play the blame game if there are any setbacks faced.

There has to be minimal effort on your end too

This requires MAX 37 minutes per day on your laptop with internet connection.

Everyone can say they are the most motivated individual in the universe

But it boils down to implementation

Implementation is the factor that dictate success when you have my proven blueprint 

If you are someone who takes action I will ensure that I personally coach you till you make it regardless of any time frame because 

Once I start mentoring I will make sure I do my part in ensuring that you understand every process on your traffic business.

Don't worry if you are a newbie or you have lack of technical knowledge

I don't expect you to be a expert in coding or a website design guru

I am looking for someone with an open mind willing to be coached.

Someone who shuns the negative, feed the positive.

Someone who embraces mistakes and move on. ...

Someone who is coach-able instead of being a smart aleck with me.

But if you are just someone that sits back and expect a machine that spits out income daily

I'm sorry, we are definitely not a good fit.

Otherwise you can 
Let's crush 2021 together
Roy Tay