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Hey there, my name is Roy Tay and I'm a full time internet marketer.

Over the last few years I've put my focus into building a strong relationship with my high quality list,during that time I have served close to 2400 clients who are successfully engaged in Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.

I have also been endorsed by numerous big guys in the industry, as you view some of the video testimonials below you may know some of them. On top of that I have helped tons of people to make their first sale online and have never looked back since.

" 250% ROI achieved  from 2000 buyer clicks! Roy is by far the BEST solo ad vendor! Thanks for the awesome traffic!"

- Mosh Bari (JVZoo Product Owner)

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People Are Constantly Buying Traffic The Wrong Way

They don't understand there is actually a technique to purchase traffic. Traffic is important but it is not everything, that is why time in time without good understanding they lose money because the expectations is not set right!

Seth Johnson Definitely knows his stuff, that is why he hasn't had a bad run with me ever since the first time he bought traffic from me.

"Tons and Tons of Sales! Thousands of clicks bought from Roy and I have not had a bad run yet! Leads that really buys from my follow ups!"

-Seth Johnson (6 Figure Marketer)

Mistakes Made When Buying Solo Ads

Mistake 1. Not Capturing Leads

Buying solo ads is not a gamble, it is a long term business, so you will to capture leads first when buying a solo, because not all people buy on the first look.

Studies have shown that it takes a person to see the same salespage 7 times before they take out their credit card. So you will need an autoresponder to store those leads and do automated followups.

MOST of the sales come from backend so it is crucial to have a capture page.

Kunjal one of my clients had a awesome capture page, thus he made some crazy sales on the followups.

 "PROFIT from 300 clicks! 4 SALES! Buyers went to buy MULTIPLE Upsells of $97 and $197 too! Roy's Traffic is Amazing!"

-Kunjal Kanabar ( Ipro Academy )

Mistake 2. Not Engaging Leads

It doesn't mean when someone doesn't buy on the frontend meaning he does not buy forever, like I've said it takes 7 times for a person to take action.

The chances of them buying on the 2nd 3rd attempt is also possible but you got to write engaging email that creates their curiosity. Have you ever had moments that you bought something on impulse because the email copy was just too awesome and engaging? See, that's what I was talking about.

When you write engaging emails you build trust, my subscribers trust me that is why they are willing to buy hot off the shelves products.TIP: Why would someone buy something if they don’t understand what it can do for them?

Sergio Zamora certainly had a way to engage leads!

 "I always get Sales from Roy's traffic, You guys should test his awesome traffic!"

-Sergio Zamora

Mistake 3. Not Tracking

How do you know which campaigns worked the best? How did you know which campaigns had the most sales? Answer: Track, track track!

Big guys making 6 to 7 figures always say track your progress, know which product is bad, which capture page is not converting well, from there select the best campaign and scale. In that way more sales will come in! The Queen of Solo Ads Andrea Fulton certainly knows how to track her funnel well 🙂

"3 SALES from 100 clicks and I'm super impressed ! Roy gets my seal of approval"

- Andrea Fulton (Queen of Solo Ads)

Presenting The Business Solution!

Solution 1: Only 100 Percent Extreme Quality Tier 1 List 

I made a promise to myself to only have Tier 1 ONLY traffic in my list. Why? Because they are the only one that buys traffic. Tier 1 traffic has proven to convert all this while thus only Tier 1.

Tier 1 countries are the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and are considered to be the highest spenders with extremely good understanding of English language.

They are also the most interested in your offers. Watch Marvin Adam's Testimonial below and you will know the importance of Tier 1 only traffic 🙂

"SOLID PROFIT from 200 clicks! 3 SALES! You should keep your eyes on Roy's traffic!"

- Marvin Adam(6 Figure Marketer)

Solution 2: Careful Nurturing With My List

They always say you need to build good relationship with your list. I strongly agree with that, I have build solid trust with my list over the years, thus whenever I recommend something to them they have a higher chance of buying products.

They have also seen my real picture and videos of me thus more trust. Shaun Pope had awesome results from my list after I recommended my list to have a look at his funnel

"FREE Solo from 1000 clicks! If you have not tried out his traffic please do, nice guy to work with."

- Shaun Pope(6 Figure Marketer)

Solution 3: Highly Active List

Those subscribers who have not been responsive to my messages for 2 weeks will be deleted, this is to ensure you get my freshest quality.

I also add tons of subscribers every month through my own funnel to ensure that my leads are fresher than fish on the market! AJ Simon definitely had an awesome experience on my list responsiveness!

"Sales from Roy's traffic! His traffic is legit and his traffic is really responsive. I approve Roy Tay!"

-Aj Simon 

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Special Bonus From Me!

Right now(for a limited period of time) if you purchase 500 buyer unique clicks and above or 300 Pure buyer's only traffic, you will have access to:

  1. A 30 minute call session with me(I usually charge $147 on that.)during this call, I’ll give you golden nuggets on marketing advice and insider’s tips to vastly improve the conversions of your offer.
  2. My 10 best Converting Emails that has made me mid 5 figures!

Alberto had a free 30 minute call with me and he made tons of sales! The next few runs become legendary.

"SALES from 1000 clicks! Roy constantly review my sales funnel to achieve more Sales! Amazing Service! "

- Alberto Pena

New To Solo Ads?

I would highly recommend buying 300 to 500 clicks for a start.

Why? Because 100 to 200 clicks is not an accurate indicator on your current numbers after tracking, and it is not accurate enough whether your funnel is converting well.

Rather, A 300 to 500 click package would determine if the page/offer/followups converts and you will have a larger number to work with.

My Guarantee To You

1)People who view your offer are 100% highly-interested opportunity seekers

As I mentioned I clean my list very frequently,only those who are still actively
looking for an opportunity will stay on my list.

2)I will complete your order within 7 days

Some people take forever to complete your orders
but I assure you I will deliver the clicks at break neck speed

3)I will hold your hand and give you pointers if you are lost.

If you are still unclear about solo ads, feel free to send me a message on facebook,
I will do my best to guide you especially if you have not bought solo ads before.

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And The Testimonials Just Don't End:

"Plenty of  SALES from Roy's Traffic! Be it front end or back end Roy is the guy."

- Tim Dill

"Plenty of  SALES from 10,000 clicks! 70 percent opt in rate! Stop looking around and look for Roy"

- Andrew Vo

"FREE solo from 500 clicks! Fast Delivery and Super Responsive leads too!"

- Oleg Khefiets

"SALES from 500 clicks and Roy has been added to the list of trusted providers. Delivers really fast too."

- Vincent Waszak(6 Figure Marketer)

"4 FE SALES from 500 clicks! Roy is the BEST of the crop!Will be back for more!"

- Simon Stanley( 7 Figure Marketer )

"2 FEs , High Quality Traffic and Great Communication. Roy's a awesome guy!"

- Jeremy JT

 "SALES from 500 clicks! FIRST order with Roy and I am very happy with the Results! STRONGLY recommend him!"

     -Donald Lowery

"Sales from Roy's traffic! Traffic was delivered in 6 hours and they opened my emails!"

-Daniel Laursen

"Sales from Roy's traffic. Great communication, nice guy and he delivers really fast traffic!"

-Emmanuel Wilkey


Q: “Hey Roy, I’ve never heard of you. How do I know you’re the best option?”

A: The reason I only use video testimonials instead of written testimonials says a lot about me, I always prefer clients voicing their satisfaction of me through video. You can google search buy solo ads and I am also on the first page.

Q: “I’ve been scammed before real bad, I’m worried.”

A: I make mid 5 figures a month and I am a huge authority in this niche, I wouldn't jeopardize my reputation for scamming you for just a hundreds of dollars .

Q: “Solos didn’t work for me! How do I know yours will?”

A: First, you need to make sure that you are not making the mistakes I’ve stated above. Please read them if you haven’t. If you still got bad results, the vendor’s list is probably stale, not nurtured right or just low-quality.. unlike mine. I won’t promise you that it will work for you.. but as you can see from my client testimonials, I’m confident you’ll see results you’ve never experienced before.

Q: What type of offers convert well to your traffic?

A: My list loves to invest their money in:

  • Make Money Online Products or Systems
  • Biz Opp Offers - MLM Offers -
  • Affiliate Offers in the "Make money online (MMO)" niche
  • Personal Development Offers(Quote is different from my website.Ask me for a quote)
  • Health and Wellness Offers(Quote is different from my website.Ask me for a quote)

Q: “I’m ready to buy! What do you need from me?”

A: Once purchased you may add me on Facebook or Skype and drop the link details 🙂

Q: “Do you need my email swipe copy?”

A: Up to you but I also write my own copy if you do not have one to give me. As my list tends to understand me better, at times it would be better for me to write my own swipes.

100% Commited to delivering the results, and the service, that you deserve and desire,

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-Roy Tay

P.S. If this is your first time purchasing a solo ad and you have any unanswered questions or if there's anything you don't understand, please do feel free to reach out to me personally, I'm here to help. I do not guarantee the amount of opt ins and sales as there are many factors in place.


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