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Hey there, my name is Roy and I'm a Traffic Expert

Over the last few years I've put my focus into building a strong relationship with my high quality list that are cherry picked,during that time I have served many loyal and repeat Clients who are successfully engaged in Internet Marketing and Making Money Online.

I believe that my results speak for themselves, you can check the testimonials below and further understand that promoting your offer to my loyal subscribers is the best way to get a positive results.  You can buy my traffic with 100% confidence.

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  • Super active list of subscribers added daily (300 to 500 subs./day)
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  • Free Professional Squeeze Page and Funnel Review to Skyrocket YOUR Conversions
  • Direct 1 on 1 interaction (I don't use Virtual assistants).
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" Sales From Roy Tay's Traffic While I was In The Tanning Salon! Love His Traffic!"

- Tammy Montgomery (FM)

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- Mosh Bari (JVZoo Product Owner)

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"FREE Subscribers from 1000 visitors!"

- Shaun Pope(6 Figure Marketer)

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Definitely not my last with Roy"

- Oleg Kheifets

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- Alberto Pena

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We Convert Like Crazy (And it's Proven)
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"2 SALES and Good Communication from 200 visitors!"

- Richard Khor (7 Figure Marketer)

"SALES from 500 visitors and Roy has been added to the list of trusted traffic providers"

- Vincent Waszak(6 Figure Marketer)

"10 SALES from 100 visitors!Highly Recommended!

- DL McConnaughy

"SALES AGAIN ! Highly Recommended and will use again"

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- Remus Yee ( Empower Network )

"$2500 PROFIT in followups from the previous 500 visitors!"

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-Karianne Gagnon

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- Phil Carrick

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- Adam Shelton(Super Affiliate Network)

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And The Testimonials Just Don't End:

"2 FEs , High Quality Traffic and Great Communication"

- Jeremy JT

"SALES from 200 visitors and I can say he is one

of my trusted solo vendors!"

"SALES from 500 visitors! Roy did an awesome job by coaching me to get better results!Looked at my follow up emails too! Phenomenal because it wasn't happening with other vendors!"

- Miller Rhodes

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- Jasdeep Singh(6 Figure Marketer)

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- Scott Jensen

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-Kunjal Kanabar ( Ipro Academy )

 "SALES! BLAZING FAST Delivery, Great Customer Service, Easy Going "

-Philip Coble(6 Figure Marketer)

 "SALES from 500 visitors! FIRST order with Roy and I am very happy with the Results! STRONGLY recommend him!"

     -Donald Lowery

 "Other than SALES, Amazing traffic, great communication and serious stats "


"SALES from 1000 visitors! Roy is a awesome guy to work with and his Traffic is SIMPLY AMAZING! Highly Recommended!"

-Wilfred Bakker(6 Figure Marketer)

"Couple of SALES from 500 visitors! Good Solid Traffic! I will be back!"

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-Nathaniel Jones ( Digital Altitude )

"Tons and Tons of Sales! Thousands of traffic bought from Roy and I have not had a bad run yet! Leads that really buys from my follow ups!"

-Seth Johnson (6 Figure Marketer)

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100% Commited to delivering the results, and the service, that you deserve and desire,

-Roy Tay

P.S. If this is your first time purchasing a solo ad and you have any unanswered questions or if there's anything you don't understand, please do feel free to reach out to me personally, I'm here to help. I do not guarantee the amount of opt ins and sales as there are many factors in place.


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