Quickly And Easily ESCAPE The Dreaded Rat- Race And Achieve A SIX-FIGURE Income This Year... Just By Sending Simple Yet Ridiculously Profitable Emails!

l'll Mentor You So That You Can Make The Type Of Juicy Online Income That Will Allow
You To Cast Off Your Shackles And Liberate You From Soul-Crushing 9-5 Madness!

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From The Mac Of: Roy Tay (Six-figure email marketing authority, coach and author)
Subject: I want to coach you so that you can reach the SIX-FIGURE mark... working less that 60 mins per day!

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Who wants to slave away their precious and valuable time working for minimum wage only to make someone's else's dream come true?

I mean, I call that "slavery", and to be honest, life's too short to waste your best years working your ass off for a snobby, pompous boss who clearly doesn't appreciate you.

But TODAY, I have very good news...

In fact, it's SO good that you'll be glad you read this.

Here's what it's all about:

I Want To Coach You And Show You The Way To Generate A Life-Changing 6-Figure Income THIS Year... With Only 7 Hours Of "Work" A Week...  Sending Simple Emails That Will Flood Your Inbox With "Notification Of Payment Received" Messages!


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Over the last few years I've been helping clueless and desperate marketers to finally start seeing INCREDIBLE results -- And each one of these people were able to create, from scratch, a solid and sustainable email marketing business.

Today, I want to do the SAME for you.

Check out what these delighted students have to say about me:

"Roy is always taking care of you and making sure you're on the right path..."

"I'm making money every single day with Roy's coaching..."

"He's always there to reply..."

"After I started with Roy I started to make good money..."

Now, prepare the drum roll and allow me to introduce you to...

Roy Tay's 7-Hour Work-Week
Coaching Program

Send Emails. Change Your Life.

If you always wanted a successful email marketer to take you by the hand and show you the secrets behind creating KILLER, MONEY-MAKINGemail marketing campaigns, then this is EXACTLY what you need.

I'll personally coach and mentor you so that you can create - from scratch - your very own wildly profitable email marketing online business lightning-fast... even if you're a rookie with no idea.

I'll show you...

• How you can make life-changing money by sending simple emails.

A solid, results-producing email marketing system that requires LESS than 60 mins per day (you "work" only 7 hours per week.)

• How to create a profits-inducing online business ANYWHERE in the world.

The exact process and method to get targeted leads; passionate people who will take out their credit cards and make purchases.

An email marketing blueprint that I use myself and that only requires a laptop and a connection to the internet.

How to FIRE your boss and escape that dreadful 9-5 job in the fastest way possible!

• The way to change your life by learning the secrets behind EFFECTIVE email marketing that will literally flood your inbox with "notification of payments received" emails.

• How my 1-on-1 coaching is EXACTLY what you need right now (cut through the confusing details and learn super-fast what usually takes years to master.)

A premium (yet affordable) lifetime coaching program where I'll make sure you're SUCCESSFUL, achieve a 6-figure income and make 2018 YOUR year!

And much, much more!!

Does All This Sound Enticing? Would You REALLY Like To STOP Struggling And Achieve A 6-Figure Income?

If So, I Want To Chat With You To
See If We're A Good Fit!

Yeah, first I want to talk to you and see if there's synergy between us because unfortunately not everybody will get the chance to work hand-in-hand with me.

I want SERIOUS and MOTIVATED warriors who are ambitious and want to change their financial situation for good - not tirekickers who blame the rest of the world for their own lack of motivation.

So, here's what you have to do NOW.


Click the button below and we'll schedule a Skype call -- I'll get to know you a bit more and see how I can help you to make 2019 the BEST year ever!
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What are you waiting for?

You're only one Skype call away from finally achieving a 6-figure income!

I can't wait to work with you!

Wishing you all the best,
Roy Tay (Six-figure email marketing authority, coach and author)