Transferwise Payment Steps

Step 1: Sign in to Transferwise and click on send money

Step 2: Under International send amount in USD and under what recipient get in SGD. For example,if you are paying for 200 presell clicks it will be USD$200

Step 3: Select under New recipient and click on Someone else 

Step 4: Enter my details as follows, under Bank Details select Paynow

Name: Roy Tay
Address: Jurong west st 81 blk 859 02-582
PayNow: +6598352227
Country: Singapore
City: Singapore

Step 4: Select Advertisment as reference and tick on accept terms of use. Once done click on confirm and continue

Step 5: Select mode of payment, once done you are good to go! Send me a message on my facebook profile below and I will get in touch with you.