What Are Solo Ads? How They Grow Your Buiness?

Solo ads are email ads that you buy from a vendor who already has an email list of people who would be interested in your type of offer in exchange for a dollar figure.

It’s not the same as buying a list which would be considered spamming, if you email to it. Instead, a solo ad does not grant you access to email addresses.

The vendor or the owner of the email list simply sends out your email ad to his or her list of subscribers. The message that is sent out is called a swipe file and the solo ad vendor usually takes care of this.

However, if you want to take things into your own hands, just contact the solo ad vendor and ask him if he or she allows for you to write the swipe instead of them.

What I recommend is letting the list owner write the email swipe. You don’t know the way he communicates with his or her email list and if there is a change in voice the responses may go down.

Solo Ads: Are They Right for your Business?

Solo ads work incredibly well for a ton of businesses along all niches but you need to be very clear about your numbers.

If you know that sending 1,000 targeted visitors to your offer page makes you $1,100 which essentially means that for every $1,000 you spend assuming that a click costs $1, you’re making a $100 in profit.

You can spend every single penny that you have in your bank account and still make a profit.

For $10,000 in ad spend, you would make $11,000. For $100,000 you would make $110,000.

Say for example you are not too sure about your numbers. You’re assuming that for $1,000 ad spend, again assuming that a click costs $1 for simplicity purposes, you assume that your page will convert at 2%.

why solo ads

For a $50 product you’re going to get 20 sales out of 1,000 visitors and 20×50 is $1,000 so you’re just breaking even.

Going anything under a 2% conversion and you’re making a loss. Anything over 2% and you’re making a profit.

Solo ads is basically a game of numbers. If you know the conversion rate and the customer acquisition cost and you know you’ll make money on the back end then you can spend money and you can scale your business really, really fast.

If you’re not sure you’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars buying traffic because that is the only way you can buy for data. You need to know the numbers and that is only after you get a few hundred clicks to your websites.

Should you buy solo ads?

Solo ads is one of the best strategies that I use in my business. I’ve been scaling my business for a lot of years using all sorts of different strategies. Solo ads always come out on the top.

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